Cutton sofa..? What is my reason to choose it..?

 Cotton Sofa, using cotton as the outer layer, cotton is a type of material made of cotton which turns into cloth. Cotton also includes Hypo-Allergenic ingredients, is environmentally friendly, without chemicals and easily recycled.

Why We Have to Choose Cotton Sofa for ourHome Furniture

   cotton material itself also has several characteristics
which makes us choose it as an ingredient to coat the sofa,

some other advantages of cotton sofas:

- Cotton Sofa, has various types of models and patterns.

The number of models and patterns of the cotton couch has its own charm for us to choose as our sofa choice. besides being able to be combined with the existing room decoration, we can also adjust the color and style of the cotton sofa that we will apply to our dream home.

- Cotton couch is a water absorbent material

easy to absorb water. ( sweat ).
strong absorbency of cotton makes this cotton sofa not feel stuffy and easy to sweat.

- cotton sofa, smooth and soft textured.

The cotton texture itself is one of the softest textures after the wool fabric.
with an oxy texture that will make cotton sofas more comfortable to use to relax even to sleep. to make babies fall asleep and make children comfortable doing activities and playing on this cotton sofa

- Cotton Sofa has a thin and light material.

cotton sofa,
cotton is a material that has a light and thin, in addition to thin and light cotton, the construction of sofas used for cotton sofas also do not need more strength and are usually made with lightweight construction materials.

some examples of cotton sofas that you might like

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