Linen sofa is Choice Sofa Solution

Linen sofa is Choice Sofa Solution

    linen is a cloth made from linen tree fibers by means of weaving, because of its natural nature, linen is one of the special fabrics, both from the main material and the way it is made to become a piece of cloth.

Sofa linen has a much selection of colors and patterns.

sofa linen has far more color choices than leather sofas for example.
with a large number of motifs and colors, it is possible to use sofa linens in various rooms with matching combinations.

  • sofa linen 30% stronger than a cotton sofa.

     linen sofas, which are made from linen tree fibers have physical strength and endurance compared to cotton sofas, and other fabric materials. besides being stronger, the sofa line can be more soft and comfortable after repeated washing, the longer it will be more comfortable and soft to use.

  • Just use clean water to wash the sofa linen.

      sofa linen is sufficiently washed with clean water or added perfume, even using detergent will damage the quality of the linen itself,
wash using hands, dry in the shade.

The following are examples of sofa linen examples that we have collected for you