Buy Modern Sectional Sofa Bed with Leather cover Under $300

Modern Sectional Sofa Bed with Leather cover Under $300

A Sectional sofa is designed in a minimalist and easy to apply with a variety of conditions space the room is very suitable. With the durable leather seat layer that is durable to create a modern view sectional sofa is so luxurious and very fashionable, light grey color is bright but still soft add to the view of the living room more modern and classy.

Flexible design.

This modern sectional sofa has been specially designed to fit a small room while the remaining space area is still extensive.  So we can put sharing our other furniture without worrying the room will feel narrow and uncomfortable, with this minimalist design also makes us can arrange furniture laying easily so that we are not encrypted when Clean the room or move our furniture home.

Easy Design in Assembly

This sectional sofa is made with easy assembly instructions with each modern sectional couch to allow us a quick hassle-free setup. Yep, with this easy assembly design, we can also combine this couch to our needs, yes.. This is all because this modern sectional sofa is designed in order to be changed to change its angle and shape, for example, if we are wanting a sectional sofa shape with a small table, or we want a comfy sofa bed to watch TV or read magazine, this modern sofa provides all the features of it.

Chrome Finished Legs

The modern white sectional Sofa has chrome finished legs that create a unique and modern style that cannot be matched.  With a very neat and perfect foot design This adds to the modern beauty of the sectional sofa as if it were with these beautiful legs can make the usual floor become extraordinary look.

Seat Cushions Filled With Comfort Foam Crafted

In addition, this modern small room configured with a sectional sofa equipped with a seat cushion filled with the comfort of the foam made to withstand the usage period.
The use of seat cushions filled with comfort foam crafted also adds to the privilege of this sofa at a price that is relatively cheap but still has an amazing quality of durability. So we will not worry about losing the comfort of this sofa sectional even though it has been using it for a long time.

Has color and style options

Features and details of this modern sectional sofa:

  • - Awesome bonded leather,
  • - Bonded leather that has strong durability.
  • - Screw equipment on the feet provided completely.
  • - Minimalist design with size 78  "x 54 " x 34  ".
  • - Shipping Weight is 180 pounds.
  • - Warranty & Support
  • - Material Type is Leather & Suede
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