Get Sofa Sectional Upholstered Grey, Cream, Chocolate Design For Living room

Get Sofa Sectional Upholstered Grey, Cream, Chocolate Design For Living room

Sofa is a very important furniture and a main place in a variety of living room furniture as we have written in

As many models of the sofa circulating in the market, the sectional sofa has the most fans compared to other sofa models. With a sectional design, having an elbow, and forming such a letter  "L ", a sectional sofa can be placed in various places and the house space accordingly.

Examples of Sectional Sofa designs for the living room.

Here we will showcase to you some examples of suitable and fashionable sectional sofa designs for your beloved living room.

Example of a sectional sofa design for this living room we show to you with the aim of hopefully able to inspire and ideas for you in choosing a sectional sofa for the living room.

Right away here are some examples of the latest and popular sectional sofas with a modern minimalist design, for the living room.

Minimalist Side Arm Design.

This simple and minimalist sofa design uses a backup on the right end that adds the luxury of this sectional couch. With a neat and stylish modern arm design. This sofa is perfect for you who use modern and minimalist design for your home interior.

Linen Sectional Sofa 3 Seat

Using a simple and comfortable 3-part backup design, each back up is given an ellipse with neat and strong stitches. Backrest cushions with quality foam stuffing with additional spring add comfort and work perfectly inside this sectional sofa architecture.

Perfect Coating

These sectional sofas use coatings from luxurious and popular fiber linens in the world of sofas today. As we know that fiber linen is a very fancy sofa cover material, modern style, and has more power among other sofa coating material.

This Sectional Sofa also uses neat and strong stitches on each side. It is also applied to any sofa parts such as pillows and ottoman.

Dimensions: Reversible L/R Chaise 76  "x 35 " x 35  "H; 2-seat sofa 70  "x 35 " x 35  "H; Ottoman cocktail 35  "x 23 " x 19  "H.

With a practical dimension size and can be adjusted with the condition of this room makes a sectional sofa that includes furniture that is flexible and easy to implement.

Sectional Sofa weighing 203 pounds.

This Sofa has a relatively mild weight, can even be lifted by 2 people, for each part may be lifted by 1 person only.

Purchase easy sofas.

To buy this sectional sofa is very easy and simple, we simply order it and sectional sofa will be directly delivered to the front of our house, for the payment method we can use a credit card, even pay with PayPal also Available for this sectional sofa.

Delivery is safety and reliable.

For the delivery of this sectional sofa done with professional and using a safe and strong packing, the time of delivery estimation will be faster for the US and surrounding areas.

Warranty & 100% refund.

This Sectioteeny sofa product also provides an indifferent warranty, in addition, if you want a refund/cancellation of the order due to physical disability or the product does not match the specifications displayed then your money will be refunded 100%/ You will be replaced by new products.
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