Minimalist Wooden Cabinet TV Stand with Shelf and Wide Storage Door for TVs up to 55", Minimalist Entertainment Center TV Console for Living Room Bedroom from FangsGo

Minimalist Wooden Cabinet TV Stand with Shelf and Wide Storage Door for TVs up to 55"

Minimalist Living room wooden cabinet with sholves design ideas

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A brief description of the product Minimalist Wooden Livingroom cabinet with simple mount floor type:

Mounting Type Floor Mount.

This livingroom cabinet uses a floor holder with a modern and minimalist design that is currently in great demand.

Fixed Movement Type

This cabinet stand with shelves and storage doors is fixed and does not change shape or has a sliding wheel on the floor stand.

FangsGo brand production.

This attractive cabinet with a minimalist style for a modern livingroom is produced by a compatible company, FangGo

Wood Material

By prioritizing the superiority of quality, this minimalist cabinet uses solid wood as its raw material, so that the durability of this cabinet is guaranteed.

TV Size 55 Inch

This cabinet is very suitable as a TV stand measuring 55 inches. however for Minimum Compatible Size is 34 Inch Television Compatible Device.

About the advantages of this minimalist cabinet

Waterproof & Stable

This table and cabinet shelf is made with melamine laminated board and white laminate finish, which is waterproof and easy to clean, the door handles and more sturdy beech legs make the TV stand stand more stable and very sturdy.

Easy size to combine with small room

This table and cabinet has a size of

  • Length: 47.4" in.
  • Width: 11.8" in.
  • Height: 11.7" in.
  • so it fits perfectly with TVs up to 34" - 55".

Minimalist cabinet with Large Storage Space -

even though this TV rack cabinet is designed in a minimalist style, it still has a large storage space, namely

  • has 2 shelf areas & 2 doors
  • big table for TV.
  • your cable and film box.
  • with this 2-level shelf you can use it for daily necessities, office supplies, books, to place items such as video game consoles, routers and other things of your choice,
  • the two side doors offer an additional hidden space that is no less spacious to protect your privacy.

Easy to Install -

This minimalist cabinet with floor TV table stand is easy to install as all mounting hardware is included with a complete and clear illustrated instruction manual making it very easy to understand to help with quick and easy setup.

Modern TV Stand Cabinet -

with a White TV stand design with black doors highlighting the latest modern and minimalist style, also designed to be very simple but still stylish, highlighting a modern style, very easy to match and combine with most home decorations.

This minimalist TV cabinet stand design with wide shelves is very suitable for use in several spaces such as:

  • living room.
  • bedroom.
  • entertainment room used as a television table.
  • Hallway table.
  • entry table.
  • sofa table.
  • entertainment center.
  • media stand.
  • storage console, etc.

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